UĞUR DÖKÜM, which has been providing important services for many years as one of the leading design and 3D Print companies in our sector, is currently preparing a huge project by adding a new one to this. The P&D center, which is under construction in a very large area in Istanbul Vizyon Park and will come into operation right after the Istanbul Jewelry Show, and the jewelry design center, which is expected to be fully operational in a short period of 3 months, will already make very positive contributions to our industry. it seems obvious.


Who is Uğur Döküm?

First of all, we are a jewelry design company that feeds on jewelry trends and adapts them to reality by adhering to art and design principles. Together with our design and production team. After the design phase, we produce resin and wax for demand in our machine park. We safely send these molds to jewelry manufacturers all over the world thanks to our guaranteed cargo. Our best feature that makes us important in this sense is; The breadth of our design pool, our order creation system, the accurate and fast production of the orders created, and lastly, our secure delivery options. Together with our R&D investments, we will undertake work that has perhaps never been done before in Turkey. We are creating a design center with a capacity of 70-100 people. In addition, we have started our work on a PURGE unit to support the design center.

What do you aim for with your new Design Center?

Our design center is a design unit that we established for product development and production of new collections. Here, we will carry out our model studies to increase our current market. In parallel, we will ensure that all variants of our design network are applied in our P&D unit, reducing the workforce and increasing the machine performance, and applying the right production techniques. We are aware that the cornerstones of our business are based on art and design, and we believe that with this work, our designers will increase their creativity in an environment where they can spare time for themselves and follow trends and innovations. Our center is located in a 1000 m2 closed area in Vizyon Park. The difference from all the design offices in Kuyumcukent and the Grand Bazaar may be the ambiance of the space. It will have social areas prepared entirely with creative lines. In this unit, we will regularly organize trainings for our designers in both professional and personal development areas. Our goal is to employ many designers here and to make this center one of the design centers in Europe.

Can you tell us about the P&D Center and the machine park?

In the last quarter of 2022, we have incorporated our P&D unit under a separate unit, in order to purchase one more machine from all the machines we use for production, to use it only in test and demo prints, to use it in production development studies and to separate it from our machines that are currently engaged in mass production. Our expectation from this unit is to deliver the new collections we have prepared to our customers without any problems, to prevent production-related problems within ourselves, and to offer our customers products with the lightest and least gold loss as a result of increasing competition in the market. All technical processes from design to production will be under the control of our Design center and P&D unit. In this way; While we gain time and workforce, we will quickly incorporate new and correct markets into our structure.

What are the reasons that pushed you to this study?

We can say that the prolongation of the production processes and the difficulties we encountered in these processes played an encouraging role in establishing the Design center and the P&D chain. Along with the difficulties of the design process and the problems that designers face in these processes, we think that we can overcome these problems by providing suitable areas.

What do you aim to bring to our sector while eliminating these deficiencies?

These changes we make will contribute not only to Uğur Döküm, but also to our industry and employees. With the right product and the right export logic, we will be representing our country in different markets as it is now. In addition, we will be working with designers and engineers from many fields of Fine Arts in our P&D and Design centers. We are also in University-Industry cooperation with universities. Students and designers in the industry will be able to benefit from this center. We plan to create a serious employment when the project comes to life.

What kind of work do you intend to do with universities?

Students will have the chance to put their theoretical knowledge learned at school into practice here. We started this type of work with Marmara University and Altınbaş University and we will include new Universities and even High Schools.

When will your work be operational?

Our Product Center will start operating right after the Istanbul Jewelry Fair. However, we can say that the date we foresee for our new Design Center project is January 2023.

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