Turkey’s first jewelry brand, Storks, presents its eye-catching and stylish collections to jewelry enthusiasts and industry professionals from all over the world at the 52nd Istanbul Jewelry Show, which brings together the industry giants. Setting the trends in the sector with its design line and special collections, Storks shined with its baguette rings, bracelets offering a sparkling elegance, and unique designs combined with natural colored stones. Storks, which puts its Turkish signature on the jewelry style, was exhibited at the Istanbul Jewelry Show held between 6 – 9 October 2022, from the baguette group, the most trendy jewelry of recent years, to the Rainbow series that reflects the harmony of colors, from the diamond group to the anturage group that carries the charm of the classic, from the men’s collection to the world’s first and only by Storks. exhibited all stylish options at the fair, up to the patented ring design. Hakan Kocabaş, a Member of the Board of Directors of Storks, underlined that they have made Storks products popular all over the world with their world-class product quality, design, and brand value, and underlined that there is still a long way to go. “We made our plans to expand our store network internationally and in Turkey and increase our exports. Today, we export a large part of our production to approximately 30 countries in our rising success rate and we are the leader in diamond jewelry export among Turkish brands. Our goal is to put a Turkish signature on the jewelry style all over the world as Turkey’s first jewelry brand and as a ‘Jewelry Master’…’ Kocabaş also shared important tips on 2023 style titles.

In 2023, we will see the next generation of colored jewelry more often.

Stating that the trend of returning to nature has come to the fore in jewelry, as in all style groups, Kocabaş stated that the contemporary jewelry they created with diamonds and natural stones, provides a balanced style with their assertiveness as well as their warmth, came to the fore. Kocabas; ‘Although jewelry and diamonds seem to be the preference of only a certain segment and age group, we observe that this situation is balanced with the new generation. Now, young people want to combine more sporty cuts and colored stones with casual style and adapt it to daily style. We see a lot of this colorful jewelry trend among the style titles of 2023. As Storks, our ‘Rainbow’ series, which includes all the colors of nature, attracts a lot of attention at the fair as well.

Baguette cuts stand out with their price advantage

Kocabaş states that especially the young generation has the courage to go beyond the classical lines in jewelry style, and states that they can turn to different choices even in stereotypical choices such as marriage proposal. In addition to the classic solitaire, baguette-cut diamonds, which are on the radar of the new generation, stand out with their price advantage and display a striking appearance.

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